Cloud Video Service

Gone are the days of huge investments in infrastructure technology to support video conferencing, when only the big corporations could benefit and interoperability was limited to expensive room systems, today all that infrastructure is in the cloud and consumed as a service without the need for costly hardware investment, for a fixed monthly fee your virtual meeting room (VMR) is available 24/7 and can hold up to 50 participants, they can connect using any video capable device and join using audio only.


Any video calls are encrypted to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), VMR’s can be locked by the host, and meetings can have PIN coded access if required.

Invite everybody

Connect any device

Guests can access your virtual meeting room at any time, using any device. Each participant can dial-in using a traditional purpose-built videoconferencing unit, or select their preferred device: smartphone, tablet, or computer, via their web browser, or by using the dedicated My Meeting Video app.

Often referred to as “interoperability”, this means you can easily connect different video platforms and technology, plus telephone audio-conferencing, all at the same time and in the same meeting. Video meetings that don’t need their own IT support team to get everyone around the same table.


Buying decisions

Video influences buying decisions, creates loyalty amongst your consumers, allows you to engage on a much more personal level, and creates a better customer experience.

Video Live Streaming Webinars

Turn your computer into your very own broadcast station. Mass audiences can now enjoy your training, teaching, or other mass message without complicated software, expensive hardware, or confusing instructions. Get your message to the masses simply by sending a link.

Try a VMR for 30 days as part of your evaluation process.