Huddle & Room Solutions

A huddle space is a small and private meeting area, typically seating 3-6 people and equipped with AV collaboration technologies. Depending on your needs, you may choose to have several huddle spaces in addition to a large, conventional conference room.
Benefits of huddle rooms

Huddle Rooms

Multiple huddle rooms provide private spaces which are much more conducive to small-group collaboration than a large conference room which might have to be shared by multiple groups meeting simultaneously. The more intimate space also tends to ensure that attendees are engaged.

Huddle rooms save money.

They are much less expensive to outfit than large conference rooms and they also can take advantage of spaces that are too small to serve any other useful purpose.

The rooms can be multi-purpose, for example providing office space for mobile workers and telecommuters who are only occasionally on the premises, while remaining available for everyone at other times.

They can also serve as office space for client meetings, which otherwise might have to be held in a big and mostly empty room or offsite.

Meeting Rooms

We all have meeting rooms or spaces that generally have some element of AV installed

With your Cloud Video Service in place, all you need is a device with a browser, as an individual you could use your own device that you are comfortable with if it’s a tablet or smartphone there’s an app to make life even easier.

It’s quite common for small groups to meet and if you are using a laptop to connect to the VMR then there’s a comfort limit to how many bodies can realistically enjoy a natural feeling video call simply due to the laptop screen size!

Quick & Easy start, use your current devices

Enhance using a laptop to join your VMR

Add a laptop stand to bring the webcam up to eye level (eye line will affect the natural feel of the video call), add a HD webcam to increase resolution and capture a wider view, add a Mic/Speaker to enhance the audio.

Realistically a laptop is designed for individual use, so the next logical step is a larger screen to connect the laptop to and position the webcam top centre, we have now entered the realms of the Huddle space and a video enabled meeting room, so let us replace the laptop with a mini PC and you have a fixed “Visual Collaboration Solution” you can of course keep costs down by driving it with a keyboard and mouse or add a control panel, from the many off the shelf solutions currently available from leading brands.

Yes the money saved on reduced travel can pay for a service, but the real value is the productivity gains from the time saved that goes back in to the business.