Top 10 times video is better than text

As a sales professional, you understand the power of getting face to face (or i2i) earlier and more often in your sales process. But you’re likely missing opportunities every day to put the power of video to work for you in the absence of in-person meetings.


“Thank you” is one of the easiest and highest value video touches to make. You can express gratitude and make a much more meaningful touch with video. Sincerity and gratitude are hard to capture in plain, typed out text. And doesn’t every email end with “Thanks” or “Thank you”? Its ubiquity takes away its impact and meaning from text – but video brings it all back in full.

  • Thanks for your time on the phone today
  • Thank you for meeting with me
  • Thanks for registering on my website
  • Thanks for your inquiry, here are the answers
  • Thank you for doing me a favour
  • Thank you for referring me
  • Thank you for connecting on social media
  • Anything else for which you’re grateful

Cold Prospecting, First Intro.

It’s much harder for a prospect to say “No” to or to delete your smiling face than it is to reject text on his or her screen. So put your face to your name. Reach out in a more personal way earlier in the sales cycle and expect more replies and responses. Some lead response videos can be automated, but they’re especially effective when you make the video personal. And the tracking tells you when to follow up with a call.

  • Reach out to introduce yourself to a sales lead
  • Reach out to introduce yourself to a target recruit
  • Include the purpose of the send in a clear, simple way

Checking In W/leads

You’re more persuasive in person. Most lead conversion steps (phone calls, emails, and text messages) don’t have the desired outcome of an in-person (i2i) meeting. Get face to face earlier with a simple video. Run through your open opportunities – those responsive and non-responsive leads you’ve not yet converted to check in and to stay top of mind.

Project Or Process Update

Whether you’re working with one person or a team of people on a project or process, communication is key. But you don’t want to type it all out. Save time by talking in a video instead of typing out multiple paragraphs. Complicated, detailed, and nuanced aspects come through much better in video. And because you’re recording and sending on your time and each person is opening and playing on his or her time, you don’t need to schedule appointments to communicate face to face (or i2i).

Great To Meet You

After a networking event, trade show, or similar get-together, you’ve collected a stack of business cards. And so has everyone else who attended. Bring your card to life, stand out from everyone else, and start building a real connection by sending a simple, personal video to each person you met. Note something you had in common or an opportunity you can pursue. Your video’s often received as a “gift” of your time and attention – but it doesn’t take much time at all! You can send 10 short, personal videos in an email design with your contact information in about 20 minutes.

How Are You? It’s Been A While!

Human to human connection – we all desire it in a fundamental way. And if you’re in a relationship and referral based business, it’s critical to your success. “Running into” old friends, past clients, and former colleagues doesn’t have to be left to chance. You can do it at scale and on demand with simple video messages. Spark conversations and renew relationships with a handful of these touches each week. Check out one of their social media profiles to add an even more personal and timely element to the video.

Holidays And Special Occasions

Of course, you can send video one-to-one but you can also send one-to many or even one-to-all. Holidays and special occasions give you a specific reason to get back in front of people in all three of these ways.

  • Happy birthday – one-to-one
  • Happy anniversary (wedding, purchase, other) – one-to-one
  • Happy holiday – one-to-many or one-to-all

Using a scheduling feature to send that video at any day or time in the future allows you to time block and batch this effort for efficiency. Make a week’s or month’s worth of video emails in one sitting, but have them go out on the correct day. Again, personal is best, but you can also reuse any video in your library over and over again (Happy Birthday, for example).

Bearing Bad News

We’ve all seen the “sorry/not sorry” apology in a politician’s, celebrity’s, or athlete’s press conference. We know sincerity and insincerity when we see them. We know when a message is heartfelt … and when it’s empty and self-serving. With text? It’s up to the reader. It’s easy to be misread or misunderstood – to have our intention or meaning misconstrued. The written word doesn’t carry the same empathy or care that eye to eye, face to face communication does. With video, there’s no mistaking your meaning.

  • Reach out with an apology
  • Reach out with bad news or a bad outcome

They’ll know you mean it and appreciate your sincerity. It builds trust and confidence. Note: if you’re not sincere, don’t send a video. They’ll see through you. Also Note: this works for good news, too!

Internal Communication

Many people see simple video communication as a way to connect with and convert prospects into clients. And to generate repeat and referral business from past clients. And it is! But don’t miss the chance to keep an internal team of people updated in real time. Your brand is built from the inside out. Daily, weekly, or monthly updates keep everyone on the same page. And because the process is asynchronous (you record and send on your time, each person opens and plays when it’s convenient for him or her), it’s efficient. The last thing any of us needs is yet another meeting to attend. Bonus tip: for any message you use over and over – like on boarding or training messages – you can record it once and use it over and over again as employees and team members need it. Put those videos in drip email campaigns, YouTube Playlists, training modules, and/or other places for repeated use.


You’re more persuasive in person; it comes naturally to you. We connect and communicate most effectively in person – with our smiles and our whole selves. When you’re inviting people to register, sign up, attend, or do something else, use a simple video to promise value and make a clear call to action. The value – what they’ll get out of it – is the key. When you’re sending the video in email or in a landing page, use the supporting text to drive the video play and to deliver all the details you don’t want to commit to memory for the video.

Wrap up

These are 10 times that, for a variety of reasons, video says it better than text (better i2i).

Have you discovered one not mentioned here? Please let me know!

Need help executing some of these ideas?

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